What Should a Trial Be?

Unfortunately in the criminal justice system as in many aspects of society those with power and money care more for power and money than “justice”. In almost every major trial in which I have defended countless innocent people throughout California and Nevada, law enforcement has either out right committed perjury or slanted the facts in case after case to convict a citizen in order to assist the prosecution in a conviction. This may sound far fetched or perhaps jaded, it is not. Forensic experts utilized by the District Attorney's Offices are many times incompetent and corrupt. A true and honorable expert and Law Enforcement officer will not slant, interpret, or shade one word to favor the State or the prosecution. Sadly this is simply not reality. So when you truly need a trial attorney you should research the man or woman by personal references and or newspaper articles or reliable references of their trial work; not who is the biggest advertiser or who has the most Billboards.

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