Domestic Violence

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When a family or household member makes an accusation of violence against you, it is not only emotionally painful, but can also result in serious legal consequences. Reno domestic violence lawyer William J. Routsis understands that sensitive legal issues such as domestic violence charges are never a one-sided story, and he believes that every person should have equal access to justice. With 25 years of experience, Mr. Routsis is widely recognized as both a dedicated legal advocate and gifted trial attorney. A skilled criminal defense lawyer may be critical for individuals in Reno and the surrounding area who have been accused of domestic violence or other types of offenses.

Fighting Domestic Violence Charges in Nevada

Domestic violence encompasses a broad range of crimes. It may be committed when those involved have an intimate, domestic, or familial relationship, including:

  • Spouses and ex-spouses
  • Current dating partners or ex-dating partners
  • Family members by blood or marriage
  • Cohabitants and roommates
  • Anyone with whom you have a child
  • The custodian or legal guardian of your minor child
  • Minor children of any of the above people

A domestic violence attorney can help Reno residents fight charges that may be classified as domestic violence, such as battery and assault, sexual assault, compelling another to perform an act against that person’s will by force or threat of force, unlawful entry of another’s residence, kidnapping, and harassment. Harassment is broadly defined as any knowing or reckless course of conduct done with the intent to harass someone, such as stalking, trespassing, destruction of property, arson, or larceny.

Battery domestic violence (BDV) consists of intentionally using unlawful and physical force upon another person with whom the alleged perpetrator has an intimate, domestic, or familial relationship, as outlined above. BDV may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony in Nevada, depending on a number of factors. Some important considerations include any previous convictions of BDV, the use of a weapon, and the extent of the victim’s injuries, among others. Penalties may include fines, incarceration, community service, or counseling. Retaining a Reno domestic violence attorney is critical in seeking to avoid or minimize these consequences.

Domestic situations can quickly elevate into physically intense interactions, and there may be several valid defenses to these charges. If the act was done with the consent of the accuser, it is generally not domestic violence. In addition, if you reasonably believed that the use of force was necessary to prevent imminent injury to yourself, you likely acted in self-defense, and that can also be a way to fight the charges. Also, there may be situations in which the allegations of violence are simply false. This can be established through witness testimony, having medical experts closely analyze the alleged injuries sustained, and presenting other evidence in support of your defense. A knowledgeable attorney can evaluate the facts of your case to determine which of these strategies are appropriate, as well as identify other arguments that may be available.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation from a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Reno

Domestic violence charges are serious, and they often require complex legal strategies and intense preparation. Finding an attorney you can trust, as well as one who is experienced and hard-working, is an important decision. With over two decades of criminal defense practice, Attorney William J. Routsis can help Reno residents who are facing prosecution for domestic violence, drug charges, crimes of violence, DUI, theft offenses, and more. To discuss your situation with Mr. Routsis, schedule a consultation today by phone at (775) 337-2609 or online. He also serves individuals in many areas of Nevada and California, including Carson City, Winnemucca, and Lake Tahoe.

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