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Crimes that involve significant amounts of illegal substances carry harsh penalties in Nevada and California. If you have been charged with trafficking in controlled substances, you have a right to fight the prosecution’s case with the most vigorous defense available under the circumstances. Reno drug trafficking lawyer William J. Routsis has over two decades of experience defending individuals against federal and state felony offenses, including trafficking charges. Mr. Routsis believes that everyone deserves a well-prepared defense by a drug crime attorney regardless of their financial status, and he aggressively advocates for his clients throughout the legal process.

Drug Trafficking Charges in Nevada

Trafficking is broadly defined under the law, and it may include a wide range of situations that involve substantial amounts of marijuana, Schedule I, or Schedule II drugs. In Nevada, trafficking is committed when a person knowingly sells, manufactures, brings into Nevada, or is in possession of a controlled substance, or a mixture that contains a controlled substance, in an amount that is prohibited by statute. Generally, trafficking is a felony charge categorized by the amount of the substance alleged to have been involved.

For drugs such as heroin, ecstasy, LSD, and other Schedule I substances (excluding marijuana), trafficking amounts of four grams or more is a category B felony, punishable by a prison sentence of one year or more and a maximum fine of $100,000. Quantities of 28 grams or more will increase the trafficking charge to a category A felony, which may result in a long-term or life prison sentence and a maximum fine of $500,000. Trafficking that involves 50 or more pounds of marijuana, or one or more pounds of concentrated cannabis, is a category C felony, and it increases to a category B felony for amounts of 1,000 pounds or 20 pounds of concentrated cannabis. A category A felony for marijuana trafficking is charged for quantities of 5,000 pounds or 100 pounds of concentrate.

Trafficking in Schedule II substances, including cocaine, OxyContin, methamphetamine, Ritalin, and others, is a category C felony for amounts of 28 grams or more, carrying penalties that may include imprisonment and a maximum fine of $50,000. For amounts of 200 grams or more, it becomes a category B felony punishable with a minimum two-year prison sentence and a hefty fine. Finally, trafficking 400 grams of Schedule II drugs is a category A felony, for which a conviction may lead to a lengthy prison sentence and a fine of up to $250,000. Since these penalties are severe, it is important to seek assistance from a drug trafficking attorney in the Reno area without delay if you are facing these charges.

Potential Defenses to Trafficking Charges

Trafficking in controlled substances is one of the most serious drug-related crimes that may be charged. However, it is not unusual for the prosecution to drop or lower the charges after evaluating its case against the defendant, since it has a heavy burden in proving that the defendant committed the crime alleged beyond a reasonable doubt. An effective defense against a trafficking charge might be that the weight of the controlled substance was less than the amount required by the statute. In addition, if the defendant’s constitutional rights were violated by the police in an unlawful search and seizure, a judge may rule that the evidence may not be presented in court. Similarly, a confession acquired through unlawful coercion, without Miranda warnings, or in another illegal manner may be thrown out by the court in many situations. A capable attorney can develop a defense strategy based on the facts of the defendant’s case and explain the process in further detail.

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William J. Routsis has the dedication needed to tirelessly defend your case and the knowledge to help you understand your options. As a Reno drug trafficking attorney, he can assist people in many areas of Nevada and California, such as Carson City, Winnemuca, Elko, Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe, Susanville, Quincy, and elsewhere. Schedule a free consultation with Mr. Routsis by contacting us online or calling (775) 337-2609. He also can assist people who need a marijuana lawyer or representation in fighting other drug charges.

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