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Nevada drug laws cover an extensive range of controlled substances. Convictions may result in serious consequences for defendants, so it is critical to seek legal representation as soon as possible if you are facing prosecution. With 25 years of experience to guide him, Sparks and Reno drug crimes lawyer William J. Routsis has developed a thorough understanding of the law and a reputation for tenacious advocacy. He can help you fight charges such as unlawful possession of medical marijuana or prescription medications, as well as charges of trafficking or manufacturing illegal drugs.

Fighting Charges of Drug Crimes in Nevada

Possession is one of the most frequently charged drug crimes in Nevada. Possessing a controlled substance for personal use without a valid prescription may result in a felony charge, although it may be reduced to a lesser charge depending on the circumstances. Possession of drug paraphernalia, which is defined as material or equipment intended for the manufacture, storage, or use of illegal drugs, is typically a misdemeanor offense. In addition, simply being under the influence of a drug unlawfully may be a chargeable offense. In particular, a conviction for driving under the influence of drugs is subject to the same penalties as a drunk driving conviction.

More serious crimes include possession with intent to sell and the sale of a controlled substance. The crime of selling a controlled substance includes activities such as trading, administering, or giving away drugs, or offering to do so. Unlike the crime of selling drugs, drug trafficking involves a greater amount of particularly dangerous drugs, as defined by statute. In Nevada, trafficking means selling, manufacturing, transporting, or being in possession of large quantities of Schedule I or II drugs.

Drug laws apply not only to illegal substances, such as cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy, but also to prescription medications that are obtained without a lawful prescription. Depending on the nature of the offense, the Schedule on which the drug appears, the amount involved, and any previous convictions, a drug crime may be categorized as a felony or misdemeanor and result in penalties that vary in severity. Penalties for a conviction may include probation, enrollment in a drug education treatment program, prison, and fines. In addition, drug court may be a possibility, as long as you have no prior convictions and the offense is not serious, such as a simple possession charge. Drug court involves a probation and rehabilitation program as opposed to incarceration, and, if successfully completed, it may result in the dismissal of the original criminal charge.

Defending against drug charges may lead to a more favorable plea bargain or even the dismissal of some or all of the charges. The facts and circumstances of the case will heavily influence the strategy that your attorney uses. For example, if drug evidence was obtained as the result of an illegal search or seizure, or other police misconduct, the prosecution generally cannot use it against a defendant. In addition, the prosecution has the burden of proof in establishing each element of a criminal offense beyond a reasonable doubt. As a result, the defendant’s attorney may try to question the credibility of the prosecution’s witnesses, argue that the defendant lacked the requisite intent, or cast doubt on the prosecution’s story in other ways.

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Reno and Sparks drug crimes attorney William J. Routsis understands that successful advocacy involves listening to his clients, preparing a strong defense, and bringing his substantial courtroom experience to each case. If you need a criminal defense lawyer to fight a drug charge in Nevada, he is ready to protect your rights. To schedule a free appointment, call (775) 337-2609 or contact us online.

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