Jorge Romero


Recently a young man in Reno, Nevada was wrongfully convicted for another man's murder. Jorge Romero was convicted 13 years ago of first degree murder and attempted murder. At the original trial 13 years ago the defendant Jorge Romero retained two private attorney's to represent him. George Romero was convicted of murder after a trial. After some 10 years in prison a Reno District court Judge vacated the conviction and found the two trial attorneys to be "ineffective" and further found that Jorge Romero was entitled to a new trial. Jorge Romero with William Routsis, II as his new counsel began a new trial in which the defense presented evidence that the DA's office and law enforcement had convicted Jorge Romero with the presentation of false evidence and perjured testimony. The defense also established compelling evidence that the State had the wrong person and the wrong theory. The jury hung after a brutal month of trial. The case was amazingly tried again for a 3rd time in a trial which lasted over a month. Romero is now a free man after a 2nd hung jury.

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